Rethinking Europe

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This book examines the transformation of Europe from the perspective of social theory. The idea of Europeanization is used as an alternative to European integration to indicate a turning away from simplistic notions of societal integration that dominate mainstream European studies. A central objective of the book is to argue that Europeanization should be theorized in terms of societal transformations rather than in terms of polity-building or institutions of governance.


1. Theorizing Europeanization: Towards a Constructionist Theory of Society 2. History, Modernity and the Multiple Conceptions of Europe: European Transformation in Historical Perspective 3. Is there a European Identity? European Self-Understanding Beyond Unity and Diversity 4. What Does it Mean to be a 'European'? The Possibility of Cosmopolitan Loyalties 5. The New Cultural Logic of Europeanization: Citizenship, Memory, and Public Discourse 6. The European Social Model: From Welfare State to Learning Society and Beyond 7. Organizing European Space: Borderlands, 'Undivided Europe', and Spatiality Beyond Territory 8. The European Union as Non-State: The Spatialization of EU Governance 9. Towards a European Polity? Europe Meets the World 10. Rethinking European Society: The Global Civil Society Context Conclusion: Towards a Cosmopolitan Europe


University of Liverpool, UK Department of Social and Political Science, Royal Holloway


'Rethinking Europe provides a thought-provoking and important contribution to European studies. In this book, Gerard Delanty and Chris Rumford propose to develop a new vision of Europe. This vision does not focus on defining what is distinctivelyEuropean but explores the cosmopolitan quality of Europe.' - Milena Buchs, University of Southampton Rethinking Europe makes a valuable contribution to the question of how political entities such as nation states, the European Union and a 'global polity' are related to 'society building'. - Sociology, Book Reviews
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