Wireless Systems and Mobility in Next Generation Internet

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The Internet is subject to permanent modi?cations and to continuous restr- turing. This is primarily due to the tremendous rise in demand for bandwidth by the ever increasing number of users. When compared to the early years of the Internet the quality of the services o?ered had to be signi?cantly improved in di?erent respects (delay, network and service availability, jitter,. . . )inorder to satisfy the needs of many new applications. Within the last decade two new developments have contributed to many new opportunities, as well as to a need for intensive research and development: - the increased mobility of users together with the desire for ubiquitous hi- quality access to all o?ered services, at reasonable cost; - the use of wireless communication. Despite their relatively low capacity (when compared with ?xed backbone n- works) the use of radio links supports the ubiquitous availability of Internet services in a quasiperfect way. A considerable amount of research and development activities are currently - ing on worldwide in order to adapt Internet services to the particular needs of mobile users and of wireless communication links. These questions were - tensively discussed at the ?rst workshop organized by the EURO-NGI Network of Excellence ('Next Generation Internet'), which has been funded by the - ropean Union since January 2004 under their IST programme.


Network and Capacity Planning.- Performance of Hierarchical Cellular Networks with Overlapping Cells.- A Hybrid Model of the UMTS Downlink Capacity with WWW Traffic on Dedicated Channels.- Performance of Different Proxy Concepts in UMTS Networks.- Algorithms for WLAN Coverage Planning.- Optimization Models for Designing Aggregation Networks to Support Fast Moving Users.- Medium Access and Admission Control.- Some Game-Theoretic Problems in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks.- Admission Region of Multimedia Services for EDCA in IEEE 802.11e Access Networks.- Admission Control Policies in Multiservice Cellular Networks: Optimum Configuration and Sensitivity.- Admission Control in the Downlink of WCDMA/UMTS.- QoS in Wireless Networks.- Effects of WLAN QoS Degradation on Streamed MPEG4 Video Quality.- Integrating MPLS and Policy Based Management Technologies in Mobile Environment.- A Reservation Scheme Satisfying Bandwidth QoS Constraints for Ad-Hoc Networks.- Network (Inter)connection and Resource Access.- Performance of Internet Access Solutions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- On the Fractional Movement-Distance Based Scheme for PCS Location Management with Selective Paging.- Enabling Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networking.- A Family of Encounter-Based Broadcast Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.


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