Insects as Natural Enemies

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April 2005



Over the past three decades there has been a dramatic increase in theoretical and practical studies on insect natural enemies. This considerably updated and expanded version of a previous best-seller is an account of major aspects of the biology of predators and parasitoids, punctuated with information and advice on which experiments or observations to conduct, and how to carry them out. It emphasizes practicalities and also provides guidance on further literature.


Foraging Behaviour by M.D.E. Fellowes, J.J.M. van Alphen and M.A. Jervis.-
The Life-cycle by M.A. Jervis, M.J.W. Copland and J.A. Harvey.-
Genetics by L.W. Beukeboom and B.J. Zwaan.-
Mating Behaviour by I.C.W. Hardy, P.J. Ode and M.T. Siva-Jothy.-
Mating Systems by I.C.W. Hardy, P.J. Ode and M.T. Siva-Jothy.-
Populations and Communities by K.D. Sunderland, W. Powell and W.O.C. Symondson.-
Population Dynamics by N.A.C. Kidd and M.A. Jervis.-
Phytophagy by M.A. Jervis and G.E. Heimpel.


From the reviews:
"This hefty tome is intended to guide students and researchers in techniques and approaches to the study of predators and parasitoids. ... Jervis has done a good job at integrating material from both predators and parasitoids ... . the book will become a lab manual/reference work to be dipped into when the occasion demands. ... The primary readership will be those working on biological control. A second broad readership will be those working on behaviour and ecology of natural enemies for their own sake." (P. Mayhew, Agricultural Science, Vol. 144, 2006)
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