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Why is it that simply getting dressed in the morning can be a bewildering experience? Last month's 'must-haves' date you faster than a frizzy perm, and before you've even had a chance to pay your credit card bill, some expert is telling you your latest fashion fantasy is now so last season. The more you buy, the less it seems you have to wear. As Paula Reed shows in "Style Clinic", knowing what works and what doesn't, how and when to shop, and how to accessorize will set you apart as one who always looks effortlessly chic. With practical tips and basic clothing care advice, Reed proves that you don't have to have a big budget, a whole new wardrobe, or the latest fad to look great.Transform your life with these expert lessons: the major investment versus the cheap buy; how to dress ten pounds thinner; secrets of the successful shopper; the essential proportions of the perfect pants; and, much more - on coats, dresses, shirts, shoes, bags, accessories, and everything else a woman needs in order to be stylish. With a little basic skill, deftly applied, every woman can have confidence in knowing that what they put on looks great and serves them well. "Style Clinic" will help women of any age make fashion work for them.


Based in London, Paula Reed is a columnist for in Style and has held the position of fashion or style director for several fashion magazines and British newspapers for the past twelve years, including Harpers & Queen and Conde Nast Traveller. Her writing has appeared in The Times (London), Harper's Bazaar, Elle, You Magazine, and Town & Country.


"Incorporates all the great elements of many books in this genre: bright, bold images, a fun, informative tone, and tips most women can apply to their own wardrobes. Peppered with pictures of celebrity fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker, Style Clinic is as fabulous as the personal style it promotes."--Library Journal
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