Iscsi: The Universal Storage Connection: The Universal Storage Connection

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November 2002



First book on new storage protocol - iSCSI.
  • Author, Hufferd is the Technical Coordinator for the iSCSI track of the IETF standards committee.
  • Emerging technology that is gaining in popularity. There was a huge booth at the recent Networld+Interop devoted to an IBM, Cisco, and Intel iSCSI initiative.
  • Grassroots marketing to the Storage Networking Industry Association (www.snia.org) and the companies that belong to it.
There are two core ways to implement Storage Area Networks (SANs) -- the traditional way, Fibre Channel, which is a direct link via cable, and the emerging way, IP SANs, whereby you access storage via the internet. Within IP SANs there are a number of important protocols including FCIP, iFCP, and iSCSI. iSCSI is an evolution of SCSI protocol that allows computers to talk to their hard disks, tapes, etc. The new iSCSI protocol carries SCSI commands over IP networks to facilitate data transfers over intranets and to manage storage over long distances. This book offers System and Storage engineers a quick and easy way to become familiar with the iSCSI protocols, with needed insight to its applicability. John L. Hufferd is a Managerial and Technical Leader at IBM and directs projects dealing with Networks, Storage, and SANs. He is currently the Technical Coordinator for the iSCSI track of the ips workgroup in IETF internet standards association.


NOTE: Each chapter, except Chapter 1, begins with To the Reader and all chapters conclude with a Summary. Credits and Disclaimer. Preface. 1. The Background of SCSI. SCSI BUS Interconnect. Fibre Channel Interconnect. iSCSI Interconnect. File Servers and NAS. 2. The Value and Position of iSCSI. The Home Office. The Home Office and Serial ATA Drives. The Small Office. The Midrange. The High End. The Campus. The Satellite. The At-Distance Site. The Central Site. FC and iSCSI. 3. The History of iSCSI. SCSI Over TCP/IP. Measurements. Cisco and IBM's Joint Effort. iSCSI and IETF. The End of the Story. 4. An Overview of iSCSI. TCP/IP. TCP/IP Summary. iSCSI-Related Protocol Layers. Protocol Summary. Sessions. Session Summary. Protocol Data Unit (PDU) Structure. PDU Structure Summary. iSCSI and TOE Integration on a Chip or HBA. TOE Integration Summary. Checksums and CRC (Digests). Checksum and CRC Digest Summary. Naming and Addressing. Details of Naming and Addressing. Naming and Addressing Summary. 5. Session Establishment. Introduction to the Login Process. Login and Session Establishment. Login PDUs. The Login Request PDU. The Login Response PDU. iSCSI Sessions. Authentication Routines. Login Keywords. Keywords and the Login Process. Discovery Session. 6. Text Commands and Keyword Processing. Text Requests and Responses. PDU Fields. Text Keywords and Responses. Rules for Key=Value Pairs. Rules for Keyword Value Negotiation. Rules for Negotiation Flow. Rules for Negotiation Failure. 7. Session Management. Initiator Session ID. Connection Establishment. Data Travel Direction. Sequencing. Resending Data or Status. Recap. 8. Command and Data Ordering and Flow. Command Ordering. Command Windowing. Initiator Task Tag. Design Example: Direct Host Memory Placement. Data Ordering. Target Transfer Tag. Data Placement (A Form of RDMA). 9. Structure of iSCSI and Relationship to SCSI. iSCSI Structure and SCSI Relationship. SCSI Nexus. 10. Task Management. Tagged and Untagged Texts. 11. Error Handling. Error Recovery Levels. Error Recovery Level 0. Error Recovery Level 1. Header Digest Recovery at the Initiator Side. Header Digest Recovery at the Target Side. Data Digest Recovery. Error Recovery Level 2. 12. Companion Processes. Boot Process. Discovery Process. Discovery Using Administrative Specifications. Discovery Using SendTargets. Discovery Using the Service Location Protocol. Discovery Using iSNS. Security Process. To the Reader. IPsec Features. Access Control Lists. MIB AND SNMP. 13. Synchronization and Steering. Main Memory Replacement. Errors and Congestion. Missing TCP Segments and Marking. Fixed-Interval Markers. FIM Pointers. Marker Implementation. FIM Synchronization Scheme. TCP Upper-Level-Protocol Framing (TUF). The TUF Scheme. The TUF Header. Advantages and Disadvantages. TUF/FIM. 14. iSCSI Summary and Conclusions. Summary. iSCSI Development History. Conclusions. iSCSI Network Management. Ease of Administration. Backup and Disaster Preparation. Performance. The Future. Summary of Conclusions. Appendix A: iSCSI Function PDUs. Serial Number Arithmetic. Asynchronous Message PDU. Login Request PDU. ISID, TSIH, and CID Values. Login Response PDU. Logout Request PDU. Notes on the Logout Request PDU. Implicit Termination of Tasks. Logout Response PDU. NOP-In PDU. NOP-Out PDU. Ready to Transfer (R2T) PDU. Notes on the R2T PDU. Reject PDU. Notes on the Reject PDU. SCSI (Command) Request PDU. SCSI (Command) Response PDU. SCSI Data-In PDU. SCSI Data-Out PDU. SNACK Request PDU. Resegmentation. Notes on the SNACK Request PDU. Task Management Function Request PDU. Notes on the Task Management Function Request PDU. Task Management Function Response PDU. Notes on the Task Management Function Response PDU. Text Request PDU. Text Response PDU. Appendix B: Keys and Values. AuthMethod. AuthMethod Keys. DataDigest. DataPDUInOrder. DataSequenceInOrder. DefaultTime2Retain. DefaultTime2Wait. ErrorRecoveryLevel. FirstBurstLength. HeaderDigest. IFMarker. IFMarkInt. ImmediateData. InitialR2T. InitiatorAlias. InitiatorName. MaxBurstLength. MaxConnections. MaxOutstandingR2T. MaxRecvDataSegmentLength. OFMarker. OFMarkInt. SendTargets. SessionType. TargetAddress. TargetAlias. TargetName. TargetPortalGroupTag. X-<VendorSpecificKey>. X#<IANA-registered-string>. Appendix C: SCSI Architecture Model. SCSI-iSCSI Mappings. Consequences of the Model. I-T Nexus State. SCSI Mode Pages. Appendix D: Numbers, Characters, and Bit Encodings. Text Format. Appendix E: Definitions. Appendix F: Acronyms. Appendix G. References and Web Pointers. Basic References for iSCSI. References for SCSI-Related Items. References for iSCSI Security and IPsec/IKE. References That Indirectly Affect iSCSI. Index. 020178419XT10112002


John L. Hufferd has been a key technical leader and manager within IBM for more than thirty-five years and currently directs projects dealing with networks, storage, and SANs. He is the technical coordinator for the iSCSI track of the IPS workgroup in the IETF standards association. 020178419XAB09272002
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