Windows Internals: The Implementation of the Windows Operating Environment

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Juni 1993



Most Windows (tm) programming books treat Windows like a black box-your program makes calls to the Windows API and somewhere the request is processed. But to write truly professional programs, you need to understand what goes on under the hood of Windows. Matt Pietrek , coauthor of the bestselling Undocumented Windows , reveals the internal complexity and power of Windows in a clear and concise style. Through the extensive use of pseudocode, the book illustrates the actual implementation of Windows functions, showing in detail what happens when a Windows program executes. The topics include a walk through a typical Windows application, memory management, the creation and destruction of a program, dynamic linking, the Windows-DOS interface, the scheduler, the messaging system, resource management, and GDI basics. Based on intensive research of the actual binary code of the Windows program files, Windows Internals ' authoritative account of the complicated interactions that occur inside Windows is essential reading for all Windows programmers. 0201622173B04062001


Matt Pietrek is an engineer at Nu-Mega Technologies Incorporated, developer of BOUNDS-CHECKER and Soft-ICE/W (tm). He is coauthor of Undocumented Windows. Matt Pietrek is a software engineer at a major language developer. 0201622173AB04062001
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