Kellogg on Integrated Marketing

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November 2002



This cutting-edge book-with contributions by the star faculty of the Kellogg School of Management and the Medill School of Journalism's Integrated Marketing Communications department at Northwestern University-offers the latest thinking on the art and science of integrated marketing. A must for today's marketing professional, Kellogg on Integrated Marketing addresses the daily activities of marketing managers and helps them enhance brand equity with new techniques and strategies from the experts. You'll hear from:- Eric G. Berggren - Stephen Burnett - Bobby J. Calder - Tom Collinger - Adam Duhachek - Lisa Fortini-Campbell - Nigel Hopkins - Dawn Iacobucci - Richard I. Kolsky - Maria Flores Letelier - Edward C. Malthouse - Francis J. Mulhern - Lisa A. Petrison - Andrew Razeghi - Don E. Schultz - Charles Spinosa - Paul Wang


Foreword: Evolving Marketing and Marketing Communication into the Twenty-First Century (Don E. Schultz).
Chapter 1: Overview of Kellogg on Integrated Marketing (Dawn Iacobucci and Bobby J. Calder).
Chapter 2: What Is Integrated Marketing? (Bobby J. Calder and Edward C. Malthouse).
Chapter 3: The Tao of Customer Loyalty: Getting to "My Brand, My Way"(Tom Collinger).
Chapter 4: Using Interaction Maps to Create Brand Experiences and Relationships (Andrew J. Razeghi and Bobby J. Calder).
Chapter 5: Integrated Marketing and the Consumer Experience (Lisa Fortini-Campbell).
Chapter 6: Strategies for Viral Marketing (Maria Flores Letelier, Charles Spinosa, and Bobby J. Calder).
Chapter 7: Acquiring the Right Customers (Lisa A. Petrison and Paul Wang).
Chapter 8: Database Sub-Segmentation (Edward C. Malthouse).
Chapter 9: Customer Prof itability and Diagnosing a Customer Portfolio (Francis J. Mulhern).
Chapter 10: Decision-Guidance Systems (Nigel Hopkins, Adam Duhachek, and Dawn Iacobucci).
Chapter 11: Scoring Models (Edward C. Malthouse).
Chapter 12: Integrating Marketing and the Web (Eric G. Berggren, Bobby J. Calder, and Richard I. Kolsky).
Chapter 13: An Illustration of Integrated Marketing (Bobby J. Calder).
Chapter 14: Ref lections on Becoming a Great Marketing Organization (Stephen Burnett).
About the Contributors.


DAWN IACOBUCCI is the Coca-Cola Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing Department at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She was previously professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. She also served as editor of and contributor to Kellogg on Marketing (Wiley). BOBBY CALDER is the Charles H. Kellstadt Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Professor of Psychology at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is Director of Research for the Media Management Center at Northwestern and Codirector of the media MBA program at Kellogg.


"...competently tackles a wide range of important issues..." (Marketing, February 2004)
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