Magnetoelectric Interaction Phenomena in Crystals

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In the quest for higher data density in information technology manipulation of magnetization by other means than magnetic fields has become an important challenge. This lead to a startling revival of the magnetoelectric effect, which characterizes induction of a polarization by a magnetic field or of a magnetization by an electric field. The magnetoelectric crosslink of material properties opens just those degrees of freedom which are needed for the mutual control of magnetic and electric states. The book gives a state-of-the-art review on magnetoelectrics research, classifies current research tendencies, and points out possible future trends. Novel compounds and growth techniques and new theoretical concepts for the understanding of magnetoelectric coupling phenomena are introduced. Highlights are the discovery of "gigantic" magnetoelectric effects which are strong enough to trigger electric or magnetic phase transitions; the concept of magnetochirality; and development "structural" magnetoelectric effects in artificial multiphase compounds. The book is addressed to condensed-matter physicists with a particular focus on experts in highly correlated systems.


Preface.- 1. INTRODUCTION. Some Supplementing Comments on the Proceedings of MEIPIC-5; H. Schmid.- 2. COMPOSITE MATERIALS. Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferromagnetic and Piezoelectric Multilayer Composites G. Srinivasan et al.- Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferromagnetic Metal-Piezoelectric Oxide Layered Structures; V.M. Laletin et al.- Modeling of Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferromagnetic/Piezoelectric Bulk Composites; V.M. Petrov et al.- Electromechanical Resonance in Multilayer and Bulk Magnetoelectric Composites; D. A. Filippov et al.- Left-Handed Materials Based on Ferromagnetic-Ferroelectric Composites; M.I. Bichurin et al.- 3. MAGNETIC FERROELECTRICS. Computational Design of a New Magnetic Ferroelectric; N.A. Spaldin.-Multiferroic Ordering in Hexagonal Manganites; Th. Lottermoser et al.- Magnetostriction in Hexagonal Holmium-Manganese-Oxide; Th. Lonkai et al.- Optical Second Order Magneto-Electric Susceptibility in the Boracite Cu 3 B 7 O 13 Br ; B.B. Krichevtsov et al.- Magnetic and Magnetoelectric Dynamics in RMn 2 O 5 (R=Gd and Eu); E. Golovenchits and V. Sanina.- 4. NONLINEAR OPTICS. Nonlinear-Optical and Magneto-Electric Responses of Transition-Metal Oxides; E. Hanarnura and Y. Tanabe.- Magnetoelectric Interaction in Crystals Observed by Nonlinear Magneto-Optics; M. Fiebig.-Nonlinear Magneto-Optical Diffraction by Periodic Magnetic Domain Structures: Effects of Magnetic Field; N.N. Dadoenkova et al.- Ultrafast Magnetic Switching and Nonlinear Optics in NiO(100) ; G. Lefkidis et al.- 5. PHOSPHATES. Antiferromagnetism in LiCoPO 4 and LiNiPO 4 ; D. Vaknin et al.- Comparative Raman Scattering Study of Optical Excitations in the Magnteoelectrics LiNiPO 4 and LiCoPO 4 ; v.v. Eremenko et al.- Weak Ferromagnetism in Magnetoelectrics L1CoPO 4 and LiN1PO 4 ; Yu. Kharchenko et al.- Field-Induced Magnetic Phase Transitions in LiNiPO 4 ; V.M. Khrustalyov et al.- 6. LINEAR FIELD EFFECTS. Magnetic Optical Linear Dichroism in Antiferromagnetic Crystal MnF 2 ; N.F. Kharchenko et al.- Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Linear Magnetic Birefringence in Magnetic Semiconductor y-Dy 2 S 3 ; B.B. Krichevtsov et al.- Theory of the Resonance Magnetoelectric Effect in Iron Borate; D.A. Filippov and I.S. Nikiforov.- 7. TOROIDAL MOMENTS AND OTHER NEW CONCEPTS. Toroidal Surface Polaritons ofan Insulator at the Contact with a Metal in a Constant Electric Field; I.E. Chupis .- Magnetoelectric Origin of Gyroeffect in Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields; I.E. Chupis and N.Ya. Alexandrova.- Weak Ferromagnetism Discovery at Modulated Structure Destruction for BiFeO 3 ; Yu.F. Popov et al.- Magnetic Photonic Crystals as Artificial Magnetoelectrics; I.. Vitebskiy and A. Figotin.- Magnetoelastic Solitons in Tetragonal Magnetoelectrics; M.A. Shamsutdinov et al.- Quantum Oscillations and Peak Effect of Magnetostriction in Superconductor; v.v. Eremenko et al.-
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