Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict

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September 2004



This state-of-the-art critical 'development' reader examines the inter-relationships between globalisation, poverty and conflict. It complements current debates in the field of development studies and, in an era in which development fatigue seems to have become more profound than ever before, it brings the importance of development once again to the forefront. The contributions represent current thinking on (and practice of) development policy, poverty reduction, the need for multi-level democratic institutions, and the containing and prevention of conflicts.


Abbreviations.- Introduction.- Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict, M. Spoor. Part I: Globalisation, Inequality and Poverty.- 1. From Exclusive to Inclusive Development, A. van Ardenne. 2. Collateral Damage or Calculated Default? The Millennium Development Goals and the Politics of Globalisation, J. Pronk. 3. Can Improved Human Development Policies Break the Cycle of Poverty?, J. M. Ritzen. 4. Inequality, Poverty and Conflict in Transition Economies, M. Spoor. 5. Globalisation, Marginalisation and Conflict, S. M. Murshed. 6. The Slow Progress of International Financial Reform, S. Griffith-Jones. 7. The Debt Crisis and the South in the Era of Globalisation, K. Raffer. Part II: Governance, Civil Society and Poverty.- 8. Disempowering New Democracies and the Persistence of Poverty, T. Mkandawire. 9. Local Governance and Rural Poverty in Africa, P. B. Mihyo. 10. Local Governance Hybrids: Enabling Policies and Citizen Approaches to Poverty Reduction, A. H. J. (Bert) Helmsing. 11. Civic Engagement, Social Accountability and the Governance Crisis, W. Reuben. 12. Blurring the State-Private Divide: Flex Organisations and the Decline of Accountability, J. R. Wedel. Part III: Resource Degradation, Institutions and Conflict.- 13. Multi-Level Governance and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems, E. Ostrom, M. A. Janssen. 14. The Limits of Institutions: Environmental Degradation and Knowledge Framing, M. A. M. Salih. 15. Beyond State-Community Polarisations and Bogus 'Joint'ness: Crafting Institutional Solutions for Resource Management, S. Lélé. InConclusion.- 16. Knowledge Sharing in Support of Human Development, H. Opschoor. Contributors. Index.


Max Spoor is Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Centre for the Study of Transition and Development (CESTRAD), Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands, and Extraordinary Professor, Centre of International Relations and International Cooperation (CIDOB), Barcelona, Spain.


From the reviews:
"The book, a collection of 16 chapters grouped into three parts, gives a thorough and interesting review and discussion of contemporary development issues from a global perspective. ... Although the book is targeted at readers in the field of social sciences, it is well written in a clear and simple manner so that it can find appeal to a wide audience, ranging from policy makers, academics to students and development practitioners." (Shephard Siziba, Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, Vol. 45 (4), 2006)
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