Securing Im and P2P Applications for the Enterprise

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Are You Ready for the Network Equivalent of Guerrilla Warfare? Instant Messaging (IM) and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications are taking over the workplace as P2P transfers now account for 70% of all Internet traffic and more than 50% of corporate workstations are running an IM application. IT professionals face the challenge of managing and securing these applications, which last year were the point of entry into corporate networks for 40% of all computer viruses and worms. This book is for system administrators and security professionals who need to bring now ubiquitous IM, P2P, and IRC applications under their control. It provides specific protection strategies for the network and application layers by identifying and blocking malicious traffic. Grasp Instant Messaging Security Issues See how IM bypasses any gateway antivirus scanning that would normally protect a network from infection. Bypass AIM Restrictions Learn what to do about free AIM proxies that are available throughout the Internet. Understand the Yahoo! Messenger Architecture Find out why its ability to use any available port to authenticate and begin communication makes it so difficult to block. Manage Skype Vulnerabilities Do you know the differences between a standard node, a super node, and a Skype server? The Biggest P2P You've Never Heard Of Meet the network behind Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, and iMesh. Explore the World of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Find out what makes IRC so attractive to cyber-criminals and predators. DDoS Botnets Turned Bot-Armies Bot Masters make certain each infected machine will connect silently to the IRC server at thepoint of infection and on startup. Methods for Botnet Control Understanding these methods will help you locate and remove such threats before they grow and become a problem. UPDATED TOC Part I Instant Messaging Applications Chapter 1 Introduction to Instant Messaging Chapter 2


Instant messaging Applications; Introduction; AOL Instant Messanger; Yahoo! messanger; MSN Messanger; ICQ; Trillian, Google Talk, and Web-based Clients; Skype; Part II: Peer to Peer Networks; Introduction; Gnutella Architecture; eDonkey and eMule; BitTorrent; FastTrack; part III: Internet Chat Relays; IRC Networks and Security; Global IRC Security; Common IRC Clients by OS; Index


In summary, the book is an easy read, not overly technical but yet providing detail for the reader to get a good grounding in these communication techniques. There are some useful references sprinkled throughout that could be useful for the reader. I liked the book and felt that I learned more about instant messaging (IM) and Peer-to-Peer networks (P2P)than I ever knew before. From my point of view it was very illuminating.-Science Digest, H. Wolfe, University of Otago, Information Science Dept
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