Captain Corelli's Mandolin

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1941 and a young Italian officer is posted to the Greek island of Cephallonia as part of the occupying force. Although he is initially ostracised by the locals in time he wins them over with his humour, civility and, more especially, his music. Pelagia, the daughter of the doctor who Corelli is billeted to, is engaged to a fisherman who can call up dolphins, but when her fiance joins the resistance and cannot be reached, an eternal triangle seems unavoidable. "An emotional, funny, stunning novel which swings with wide smoothness between joy and bleakness...it is lyrical and angry, satirical and earnest" >The Observer<. Minerva.


Louis de Bernieres is the best-selling author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. His most recent novels are Birds Without Wings and A Partisan's Daughter.


"Hypnotic...a vast tapestry woven in tiny, colourful, intricate detail...a graphic and moving commentary on the futility of war. This magical book stayed in my head long after I had finished it" -- Marian Keyes "A wonderful epic novel...it has made him a name to conjure with. Both on the large and the small scale it is an absorbing and memorable book...the sweep, invention and warmth of the novel carries one effortlessly along" -- Derwent May The Times "Captain Corelli's Mandolin achieves that rare feat of saying something new about war...fusing with remarkable felicity the cosmic and the tragic, the lyrical and the epic... And without offering easy answers, it poses difficult questions about love and suspicion, trust and betrayal, faith and despair, creativity and destruction" -- Andre Brink Times Literary Supplement "Louis de Bernieres is in the direct line that runs through Dickens and Evelyn Waugh...he has only to look into his world, one senses, for it to rush into reality, colours and touch and taste" Evening Standard "An emotional, funny, stunning novel which swings with wide smoothnes s between joy and bleakness, personal lives and history...it's lyrical and angry, satirical and earnest" Observer
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