Interesting Times

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The seventeenth Discworld title by the bestselling comic fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett. Discworld's oldest empire is in turmoil, brought about by the revolutionary treatise >What I Did On My Holidays<. War is spreading through the cities with only Rincewind the wizard, Cohen the barbarian and a rather special butterfly to try and stop the terrible doom. Simultaneous publication with >A Mapp Of Discworld< and three Corgi audio tapes. Pratchett has a cult following, of which I'm one and I've been winding my friends up for ages as I got hold of a proof copy of his new novel ages ago!




Terry Pratchett is one of the most popular authors writing today. He lives behind a keyboard in Wiltshire and says he 'doesn't want to get a life, because it feels as though he's trying to lead three already'. He was appointed OBE in 1998. He is the author of the phenomenally successful Discworld series and his trilogy for young readers, The Bromeliad, is scheduled to be adapted into a spectacular animated movie. His first Discworld novel for children, THE AMAZING MAURICE AND HIS EDUCATED RODENTS, was awarded the 2001 Carnegie Medal.


"'This spinner of crazy science-fiction tales is a very sophisticated jester'" The Times "'Cracking dialogue, compelling illogic and unchained whimsy... Pratchett has a subject and a style that is very much his own'" -- John Melmouth The Sunday Times "'Pratchett is as funny as Wodehouse and as witty as Waugh'" -- Christina Hardyment Independent "'Imagine a collision between Jonathan Swift at his most scatalogically-minded and J.R.R Tolkein on speed... This total mess of- I suppose- a novel, is the joyous outcome'" -- Gerald Kaufman Daily Telegraph
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