Elementary Linear Programming with Applications

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The disk that comes with the book contains the student-oriented linear programming code SMPX, written by Professor Evar Nering of Arizona State University. The authors also recommend inexpensive linear programming software for personal computers.
* More review material on linear algebra
* Elementary linear programming covered more efficiently
* Presentation improved, especially for the duality theorem, transportation problems, the assignment problem, and the maximal flow problem
* New figures and exercises
* Computer applications updated
* Added disk with the student-oriented linear programming code SMPX, written by Professor Evar Nering of Arizona State University
* New guide to inexpensive linear programming software for personal computers


Prologue: Introduction to Operations Research. Review of Linear Algebra: Matrices. Gauss-Jordan Reduction. The Inverse of a Matrix. Subspaces. Linear Independence and Basis. Introduction to Linear Programming: The Linear Programming Problem. Matrix Notation. Geometry of Linear Programming Problems. The Extreme Point Theorem. Basic Solutions. The Simplex Method: The Simplex Method for Problems in Standard Form. Degeneracy and Cycling. Artificial Variables.Further Topics in Linear Programming: Duality. The Duality Theorem. Computational Relations between the Primal and Dual Problems. The Dual Simplex Method. The Revised Simplex Method. Sensitivity Analysis. Computer Aspects. Integer Programming: Examples. Cutting Plane Methods. Branch and Bound Methods. Computer Aspects. Special Types of Linear Programming Problems: The Transportation Problem. The Assignment Problem. Graphs and Networks (Basic Definitions). The Maximal Flow Problem. The Shortest Route Problem. The Critical Path Method. Computer Aspects. Appendices: Karmarkar's Algorithm. Microcomputer Software. SMPX. Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises. Index.


"The book presents the basic ideas of linear programming and related areas by not using a rigorous approach. The main objective, to provide a textbook that is readable by students in business, engineering, and computer science, seems to have been achieved...A rich set of more than 280 exercises, real-life projects and further reading suggestions successfully stimulates learning." --MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS "...The book is very clearly written with many illustrative examples and exercises. The proofs of theoretical results are kept to a minimum so that the book is easy to read even for non mathematics students. It is an excellent textbook on linear programming at an introductory level." --ZENT. FUR MATHEMATIK UNDIHRE GRENZGEBIETE
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