New Hacker's Dictionary

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Oktober 1996



This new edition of the hacker's own phenomenally successful lexicon includes more than 100 new entries and updates or revises 200 more. Historically and etymologically richer than its predecessor, this valuable reference supplies additional background on existing entries and clarifies the murky origins of several important jargon terms, while still retaining its high giggle value.


"A sprightly lexicon." William Safire, New York Times Magazine "For anyone who likes to have slippery, elastic fun with language, this is a time for celebration... The New Hacker's Dictionary... is not only a useful guidebook to very much un-official technical terms and street tech slang, but also a de facto ethnography of the early years of the hacker culture." Mondo 2000 "My current favorite is wave a dead chicken.' New to you? You've waved a dead chicken when you've gone through motions to satisfy onlookers (suits?), even when you're sure it's all futile. Raymond's book exhilarates... The New Hacker's Dictionary, though, is not for skimming. Allot, each day, a half hour, severely timed if you hope to get any work done." Hugh Kenner, Byte
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