Pascal for Students (Including Turbo Pascal)

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The third edition of this best-selling text has been revised to present a more problem oriented approach to learning Pascal, without substantially changing the original popular style of previous editions. With additional material on Turbo Pascal extensions to the standard Pascal, including binary files and graphics, it continues to provide an introduction which is as suitable for the programming novice as for those familiar with other computer languages.


Introduction * Section 1: Pre-defined Simple Types and Control Structures - First steps * Comparisons and characters * Repetition * Conditional execution and transfers * Subprograms * Section 2: Structured and Enumerated Data Types - Arrays * User-defined values, subranges and record structures * Files * Pointer structures * Set structures and tackling a larger problem * Section 3: Turbo Pascal - General Turbo Pascal extensions and exceptions * Turbo Pascal files * Turbo Pascal graphics * Section 4: Mathematical Applications of Turbo Pascal - Simulation * Matrices and their applications * Introduction to numerical methods * Appendices - Syntax diagrams * Reserved words and required identifiers * Required functions and procedures * Turbo Pascal functions and procedures * Common codes * Portability * Glossary * Index.


Brian Hahn graduated from the University of Cape Town before obtaining a PhD from Cambridge in high energy physics. He lectured in Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand for a number of years before moving to Cape Town. He is an associate professor (and Head of Department) in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town, where he has specialised in teaching programming languages to beginners for more than 20 years. He has written a number of popular computing books, on Fortran 77 and 90, GW-BASIC, True BASIC, Turbo Pascal, C++, Matlab and, most recently, Java. When not writing a new book, he carries out research in rangeland modelling. Spare time activies include birding, jogging, and planting indigenous trees on the small holding he shares with his wife and numerous german shepherd dogs. He can be contacted at mailto:bdh@maths.uct.ac.za. Website: http://www.mth.uct.ac.za/~webpages/hahn/
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