Qualitative Analysis for Social Scientists

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Juni 1987



The teaching of qualitative analysis in the social sciences is rarely undertaken in a structured way. This handbook is designed to remedy that and to present students and researchers with a systematic method for interpreting 'qualitative data, ' whether derived from interviews, field notes, or documentary materials.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Two illustrations; 3. Codes and coding; 4. Seminar on open coding; 5. Memos and memo writing; 6. Team meetings and graphic representations as memos; 7. Excerpts that illustrate common problems; 8. Integrative diagrams and integrative sessions; 9. Integrative mechanisms: diagrams, memo sequences, writing; 10. Presenting case materials: data and interpretations; 11. Grounded formal theory: awareness contexts; 12. Reading and writing research publications; 13. Questions and answers; 14. Research consultations and teaching: guidelines, strategies, and style; Epilogue; Appendix; References; Author index; Subject index.


"...one of the two best presently available sources for a systematic and detailed presentation of techniques qualitative researchers can use in analyzing their data." | Contemporary Psychology
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