The Romanization of Britain

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Juni 1992



This is an innovative study of cultural change and interaction. While there are many narrative histories of Roman Britain, this synthesis of the latest archaeological work presents the evidence in a new and provocative way.


1. The nature of Roman imperialism; 2. The pattern of later iron age societies; 3. The invasion strategy and its consequences; 4. The emergence of the 'civitates'; 5. The maturity of the 'civitates'; 6. Development at the periphery; 7. The developed economy; 8. Later Roman rural development; 9. Epilogue: decline and fall?


'... a new way of looking at Romanisation ... Millett's analysis provides many new insights as well as dispelling some myths.' The Times Higher Education Supplement
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Untertitel: An Essay in Archaeological Interpretation. l5 plates, 80 line drawings, 32 tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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