Understanding Language Change

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März 1994



How and why do language changes begin; how and why do they spread; and how can they ultimately be explained? This new textbook sets out to answer these questions in a clear and helpful way which will be accessible to all students with only an elementary knowledge of linguistics.


Preface and acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Three views of sound change; 3. Sound change 2 - the implementation problem; 4. Morphological change; 5. Syntactic change 1 - the Transparency Principle; 6. Word order change and grammaticalisation: language change and general laws; 7. Semantic and lexical change; 8. Language contact; 9. Linguistic variation; 10. Pidgins and creoles; 11. Language death; 12. Linguistic evolution?; Bibliography; Index.


"...an admirable review and summary of research and theory of language change over the last two centuries..." Language "Understanding Language Chnage is a clear and coherent guide to many of the complex issues of contemporary historical linguistics...the book provides an excellent overview of many of the topics involved in language change...Understanding Language Change provides a solid introduction to many of the concerns of sociolinguistics, and in fact would be equally useful as a beginning guide to the issues involved in langiage contact...Understanding Language Change is a well thought out book which should be read by all students of historical linguistics...It is an excellent text, which covers important issues and debates in a disarmingly clear and lucid manner...It is a pleasure to read and shouls encourage students of language change to delve further into the literature." Paula West, Word
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