Time, Space and Things

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There are some wonderfully bizarre ideas in physics, and it seems a pity to keep them locked up in small boxes, available only to an esoteric coterie of key holders. Brian Ridley's book sets out to survey in simple, non-mathematical terms what physics has to say about the fundamental structure of the universe. He deals with all the basic concepts of modern physics: elementary particles, black holes, gravity, quantum theory, time, mass, relativity and energy; this new edition also includes coverage of more recently emerging ideas including strings, imaginary time and chaos. Ridley's clear and witty account gives an exciting introduction to the non-specialist while offering a fresh perspective to scientists themselves.


Preface to the first edition; to the second edition; to the third edition; 1. Things; 2. Stranger things; 3. Space; 4. Time; 5. Motion; 6. Energy; 7. Freedom; 8. Mass; 9. Chance; 10. Boojums; 11. Mystery; Appendices. Index.


'The style is clear and makes pleasant reading ... this is an excellent book.' Physics Education ' ... goes further, more elegantly, than any other book known to me in emulating for today what Arthur Eddington achieved in his The Nature of the Physical World in 1928'. New Scientist 'Time, Space and Things is an excellent book to be recommended to every student of physics.' American Journal of Physics
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