Mathematics for Economics and Finance

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An introduction to mathematical modelling in economics and finance.


1. Mathematical models in economics; 2. Mathematical terms and notations; 3. Sequences, recurrences and limits; 4. Elements of finance; 5. The cobweb model; 6. Introduction to calculus; 7. Some special functions; 8. Introduction to optimisation; 9. The derivative in economics I; 10. The derivative in economics II; 11. Partial derivatives; 12. Applications of partial derivatives; 13. Optimisation in two variables; 14. Vectors, preferences and convexity; 15. Matrix algebra; 16. Linear equations I; 17. Linear equations II; 18. Inverse matrices; 19. The input output model; 20. Determinants; 21. Constrained optimisation; 22. Lagrangians and the consumer; 23. Second-order recurrence equations; 24. Macroeconomic applications; 25. Areas and integrals; 26. Techniques of integration; 27. First-order differential equations; 28. Second-order differential equations; Selected solutions.


'Throughout, the stress is firmly on how the mathematics relates to economics, and this is illustrated with copious examples and exercises that will foster depth of understanding.' L'Enseignement Mathematique
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