In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks

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Dezember 2003



First-hand 'popular physics' book by very famous theoretical physicist.


An apology; 1. The beginning of the journey to the small: cutting paper; 2. To molecules and atoms; 3. The magic mystery of the quanta; 4. Dazzling velocities; 5. The elementary particle zoo before 1970; 6. Life and death; 7. The crazy kaons; 8. The invisible quarks; 9. Fields or bootstraps?; 10. The Yang-Mills bonanza; 11. Superconducting empty space: the Higgs-Kibble machine; 12. Models; 13. Colouring in the strong forces; 14. The magnetic monopole; 15. Gypsy; 16. The brilliance of the standard model; 17. Anomalies; 18. Deceptive perfection; 19. Weighing neutrinos; 20. The great desert; 21. Technicolor; 22. Grand unification; 23. Supergravity; 24. Eleven dimensional space-time; 25. Attaching the super string; 26. Into the black hole; 27. Theories that do not yet exist ...; 28. Dominance of the rule of the smallest.


'One of the most difficult hurdles to be overcome in explaining particle physics to the layperson is to find analogies by which difficult abstract concepts and advanced mathematics can be communicated simply and faithfully. It is just one of the hurdles over which Gerard 't Hooft leaps, apparently effortlessly, in this rattling good read ... an entertaining mix of high theory and solid experimental facts, laced with his individual brand of dry and ingenuous humour ... The style of this book is highly engaging and is simply and succinctly written.' John Ellis, Physics World 'As a comprehensive and compact review of the taxonomy of the particle world, it should come in handy for physicists of other disciplines who are a little rusty on their particle physics ... the book is liveliest as a story of the fate of the ideas generated by the atom-smashing community ... the story is told with a confidence that comes only from deep understanding.' Tania Monteiro, New Scientist 'Gerard 't Hooft is a distinguished theoretical physicist whose ideas and opinions should be of great interest to anyone curious about the development of physics in the late twentieth century. In this nonmathematical but demanding little book, he gives his personal perspective on the areas of physics with which he has been concerned - chiefly the theory of elementary particles and the quantum theory of gravity ... one finds on every page of this book sharp statements and novel formulations that show the workings of a first-rate, confident and original mind. It deserves attention.' Frank Wilczek, Nature '... packed with colourful analogies, lively anecdotes and personal reflections ... It isn't Hooft's personal reflections that make this book enjoyable ... for the general reader who has developed an interest in particle physics, physics students and even the professional physicist, it is definitely worth reading.' Valerie A. Noyes, Times Higher Education Supplement 'In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks is a nice, readable and comprehensible book. It is a valuable contribution to the popular physics literature and I would recommend all physics students and all physicists in different fields to read 't Hooft's book.' M. Gurses, Classical Quantum Gravity '... a wonderful account of the development of the Standard Model ... I recommend it most enthusiastically.' Lewis Ryder, Astronomy Now
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