The Making of "Pride and Prejudice"

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September 1995



The BBC's lavish adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice', starring Colin Firth, was eighteen months in the making and continues to captivate audiences today. This indispensable companion to the series is packed with colour photographs, interviews and lavish illustrations. Follow a typical day's filming, including the wholesale transformation of Lacock village into Jane Austen's Meryton. Discover how Colin Firth approaches the part of Darcy, how actors' costumes and wigs are designed and how Carl Davis recreates the period music and composes an original score. Piece together the roles of behind-the-scenes contributors from researchers to fencing masters.


The script; pre-production - casting, location hunting, the production team; production design; costume, make-up and hair design; music; dancing; two weeks to go...; filming; a conversation with Colin Firth; post-production; cast and crew list.


Sue Birtwistle is the former director of the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Education Company in Edinburgh and founding director of the Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout Company. Susie Conklin is currently a drama script associate at Granada Television.
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