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Ratcliff, a specialist in timecode, stereo sound, and digital audio operations, provides an introductory chapter on basic video and magnetic theory, followed by explanations of digital processing, and using timecode with recording formats, film, MDI, as well as using timecode on location, and in linear and non-linear post-production. Special features include discussions of timecode and DVD and digital video cassettes; standards updates for 4:3 scanning for wide-screen films; and advice on how to avoid errors and faults.


Basic video and magnetic theory * Digital processing * The timecode word * Recording formats and timecode * Timecode and film * Timecode and MIDI * Working with timecode * Timecode on location * Timecode and linear post-production * Timecode and non-linear post-production * Timecode and AES/EBU digital audio interface * Appendices
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