Locke: Political Essays

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September 1997



A most comprehensive collection of John Locke's essays on politics and society.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Principal events in Locke's life; Further reading; A note on the selection; A note on the texts; Abbreviations and conventions; Part I. Major Essays: 1. First Tract on Government (1660); 2. Second Tract on Government (c. 1662); 3. Essays on the Law of Nature (1663-4); 4. An Essay on Toleration (1667); 5. The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina (1669); 6. An Essay on the Poor Law (1697); Part II. Minor Essays: seventy shorter essays and fragments on a wide range of subjects; Appendix: Extract from 'Draft B' (1671) of Human Understanding; Extract from 'A Letter from a Person of Quality' (1675); Extract from 'Study' (1677); Extract from 'Critical Notes on Stillingfleet' (1681); Locke's reading list; Checklist of Lockeana in print; Bibliography; Index.


"I highly recommend Locke's seventy-five writings here..." S.V.H., Ethics "...the very existence of a collection of this breadth with this sort of documentation is so remarkable that it seems wrong to criticize it. It is an excellent idea well executed." Ruth Sample, Philosophy in Review
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