Augustan Culture

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"An important and fascinating book. The time is right for a work that interweaves Augustan history, literature, and art, and Karl Galinsky is one of the very few scholars who has enough expertise in all three areas to do this successfully ... In sum, "Augustan Culture is a book that makes the reader think and will help shape Augustan studies for the rest of the decade and well beyond."--Diana E. E. Kleiner, Yale University


Preface Ch. IA Principal Concept: Auctoritas Ch. IIThe Restoration of the Res publica Ch. IIIIdeas, Ideals, and Values Ch. IVArt and Architecture Ch. VAugustan Literature Ch. VIReligion Ch. VIICentral Characteristics Ch. VIIIEpilogue: Auctor Perpetuus Abbreviations for Frequently Cited Works Notes Bibliography Provenience of Illustrations Index of Passages General Index


"A thought provoking study that complements and integrates the fruits of many significant studies on individual elements of this major international ancient culture."--Choice
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