Liberating the Corporate Soul

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Describes the ways and means for business leaders to create the compassionate and viable future we need on our beautiful planet. This book presents a rationale for making ethical and socially responsible behavior the best foundation for building and maintaining a high performance, globally successful business.


1. Introduction 2. The Common Good 3. Motivation, Creativity and Innovation 4. Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness 5. Corporate Transformation Tools 6. Vision, Mission and Values 7. Balance 8. Trust, Meaning, Community and Ownership 9. Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness 10. Leadership Development and Assessment 11. Building a Visionary Organization 12. The New Theories of Business


Richard Barrett is an international consultant in the field of values-driven leadership and cultural transformation. He works with leaders and senior executives in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia to develop values-driven organizational cultures that build human capital, embrace diversity, strengthen financial performance, and support sustainable development. He is the creator of the Cultural Transformation Tools. He is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. He is the instigator and coordinator of the Whole System Change summits. Mr. Barrett is the author of A Guide to Liberating Your Soul, Fulfilling Books, 1995 and Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998. A sequel to Liberating the Corporate Soul entitled A Whole System Approach to Cultural Transformation will be published in 2005/2006. Richard can be contacted at: Tel: 1 828 452 5045 or by e-mail at richard@corptools.com. Web sites: http://www.corptools.com and http://www.valuescentre.com


'More than simply a majestic vision, Richard Barrett's book brilliantly describes the ways and means for business leaders to create the compassionate and viable future we urgently need on our beautiful planet.' - Godric E.S. Bader, F.R.S.A., Life President, Scott Bader Commonwealth Ltd. 'If every corporate executive bought this book and assigned it for in-house management development courses, the world would become a better place.' - Hazel Henderson, author, Building a Win-Win World and Creating Alternative Futures 'As we approach the new Millennium the world seeks clear thinkers with visionary concepts to help unravel the challenges before us. Richard Barrett's inspiring new book Liberating the Corporate Soul weaves a rich tapestry balancing heart and soul with a practical down-to-earth corporate vision for the future.' - Craig and Patricia Neal, Co-Founders, Heartland Institute 'Presents a convincing rationale for making ethical and socially responsible behavior the best foundation for building and maintaining a high performance, globally successful business.' - Robert W. MacGregor, President, Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility 'Gives a powerful set of tools for organizational transformation. I highly recommend it.' - Ann Svendsen, Consultant and author of The Stakeholder Strategy: Profiting from Collaborative Business Relationships 'Practical advice to tap the source of creativity and innovation which every business seeks.' - Ron Nahser, President and CEO of The Nahser Agency/Advertising, Chicago 'The bold, practical blueprint we need for moving business to the next evolutionary level. Sweeping, brilliant a sense of the grandeur of the new paradigm of business.' - Martin Rutte, President Livelihood, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work 'A must read for leaders who want to shape a government built on values, innovation, and greater efficiency.' - Jody Zall Kusek, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, U.S. Department of the Interior 'Liberating the Corporate Soul achieves the impossible: it integrates the intangibles of ethics, vision, and consciousness into a tangible measurement system.' - Marcello Palazzi, Bsc, Msc, MBA, Co-Founder and Chair, Progressio Foundation, The Netherlands 'a paradigm shifting look at how business leaders can harness the creative potential of their staff and their organizations. The author concisely develops and explains several tools that will enable managers to create an organizational foundation that will foster alignment, accountability and strategic focus.' - Tad McKeon, MBA, CPA, CQM, 1997 Senior Examiner, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, co-author, Transforming Home Care: Quality, Cost and Data Management 'This book has captured the true challenge of business today: nurturing values-based organizations to which employees and other stakeholders commit. It is also an excellent guide to achieving this goal which is proving to be the most important success factor of our times.' - Margareta Barchan, CEO and President, CELEMI, Sweden 'This book breaks new ground in helping business leaders take responsibility for the whole. It encourages us to build a better world through business.' - George E. McCown, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, McCown, De Leeuw & Co., Chairman, World Business Academy 'If you want to install in your company a climate of trust, harmony, creativity and vision ... If you accept to be honest about your own values and ethics ... Jump on this book, it is one of the best I know, linking a new vision with concrete and effective tools helping you to revitalize and reenchant your enterprise.' - Marc Luyckx, Forward Studies Unit European Commission, Brussels
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