Schaum's Outline of Modern Physics

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Schaum's Outlines-Problem Solved.


<H2> Part I:The Special Theory Of Relativity. <H3> The Gaililean Transformations. <H3> The Postulates of Einstien. <H3> The Lorentz Coordinates Transformations. <H3> Relativistic Length Contraction. <H3> Realistic Time Dilation. <H3> Relativistic Space-Time Measurements. <H3> Relativistic Velosity Transformations. <H3> Mass, Energy, and Momentum in Relativity. <H2> Part II: The Quantum Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation. <H3> Electromagnetic Radioation - Photons. <H3> Matter Waves. <H2> Part III: Hydrogenlike Atoms. <H3> The Bohr Atom. <H3> Electron Orbital Motion. <H3> Electron Spin. <H2> Part IV: Many-Electron Atoms. <H3> The Pauli Exclusion Principle. <H3> Many-Electron Atoms and the Periodic Table. <H3> X-Rays. <H2> Part V: Nuclear Physics. <H3> Properties of Nuclei. <H3> Nuclear Models. <H3> The Decay of Unstable Nuclei.<H3> Nuclear Reactions.<H3> Particle Physics. <H2> Part VI: Atomic Systems. <H3> Molecules. <H3> Kinetic Theory.<H3> Distribution Functions. <H3> Classical Statistics: The Macwell-Boltzmann Distribution. <H3> Quantum-Statistics: Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein Distributions. <H3> Solids. <H4> Appendix. <H4> Index.


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