Helping Children with Reading and Spelling: A Special Needs Manual

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November 1994



Children who have difficulty acquiring basic skills need additional help and encouragement. In "Helping Children with Reading and Spelling," Rea Reason and Rene Boote have written a highly practical manual which provides detailed frameworks for assessment and teaching which will be widely used by class teachers, particularly those working with children who have specific literacy difficulties. The book does not adopt any one theoretical stance, but provides a comprehensive and workable collection of ideas, including photocopiable pages which can be used as teaching and assessment resources and case studies to illustrate the methods suggested. The emphasis of the book is on reading for meaning and enjoyment, together with the systematic practice of word and letter recognition skills.


Part One: Main themes and ideas 1.An overview of the manual 2.Meaning and motivation Part Two: Reading 3.Interactive assessment and teaching 4.Developing fluency 5.Step-by-step teaching 6.Phonics at Stage 1 and Stage 2 of reading 7. Phonics at Stage 3 and Stage 4 of reading Part Three: Spelling and Handwriting 8. Spelling 9. Handwriting Part Four: Applications in the Classroom 10. Working with a group of Year 2 children 11. Catching and conquering spelling in Year 6


"Here...is probably one of the best books on helping children with reading and spelling. It's so simple that it's surprising no one has written it before."
-"Times Educational Supplement, 3/95
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