Language and the Brain

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Februar 1998



How do our brains enable us to speak creatively and build up an understanding of language? This accessible book examines the linguistic and neuro-anatomical underpinnings of language and considers how language skills can systematically break down in individuals with different types of brain damage. By studying children with language disorders, adults with right-hemisphere brain damage, demented patients and people with reading problems, the authors provide an understanding of how language is organized in the brain.


Preface; 1. Neurolinguistics; 2. The brain; 3. How we know what we know about brain organization for language; 4. Aphasia: classification of the syndromes; 5. Aphasia: what underlies the syndromes; 6. Childhood aphasia and other language disorders; 7. Right-brain-damage; 8. Dementia; 9. Disorders of the written word: dyslexia and dysgraphia; 10. Bilingualism; 11. Language organisation; 12. The future of neurolinguistic study; Glossary; Notes and further reading; Index.


' ... the book seems to be an excellent source for a quick overview of the field of neurolinguistics.' The Linguisti
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