Ripley Under Ground

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August 1999



Patricia Highsmith was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1921 but moved to New York when she was six. In her senior year she edited the college magazine, having decided to become a writer at the age of sixteen. Her first novel Strangers on a Train was made into a famous film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951. Patricia Highsmith died in Locarno, Switzerland in 1995. Her last novel Small g: A Summer Idyll was published posthumously just over a month later.


"In Ripley Under Ground Patricia Highsmith is in her most brilliant form" Daily Telegraph "The No.1 Greatest Crime Writer" The Times "Ripley Under Ground is Highsmith back on top of her most enjoyable humour-and-horrors form" Sunday Telegraph "By her hypnotic art Highsmith puts the suspense story into a toweringly high place in the hierachy of fiction" The Times "The Ripley books are marvellously, insanely readable" The Times
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