Advancing Social Simulation: The First World Congress

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August 2007



Bringing together diverse approaches to social simulation and research agendas, this book presents a unique collection of contributions from the First World Congress on Social Simulation, held in 2006 in Kyoto, Japan. The work emerged from the collaboration of the Pacific Asian Association for Agent-Based Approach in Social Systems Sciences, the North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science, and the European Social Simulation Association.


KAIZEN for Agent-Based Modeling by Takao Terano Collective Decisions in Multi-Agent Systems by Frank Schweitzer Logic for Situated Action by David L. Sallach Complexity and the Place of Formalism in Social Science by Scott Moss Toward a Productive Interaction Between Simulations and Theory in Economic Science by Yoshinori Shiozawa Emergence of Peace due to Neutral Attitude Toward Others by Yutaka Nakai A Roadmap to Realistic Computational Models of Civil Wars by Luc Girardin and Lars-Erik Cederman Why Do We Like to Stay With Our Friends? Modelling the Evolutionary Dynamics of Interpersonal Commitment by Istvan Back and Andreas Flache The Fate of Bilingualism in a Model of Language Competition by Xavier Castelló , Lucía Loureiro-Porto, Víctor M. Eguíluz and Maxi San Miguel A Comparative Study of Order-Driven and Quote-Driven Markets Using Artificial Markets by Tsuyoshi Matsunaga and Hajime Kita A Hybrid Approach to Modelling Advertising Effects - An Application to Optimal Lying in Software Business by Jürgen Wöckl and Alfred Taudes Emergence of the Leader-Follower Structure Among Consumers: What Type of Consumers Would Be the Most Influential in the Marketplace? by Makoto Mizuno, Shoichiro Inoue and Masami Noguchi A Declarative Model Assembly Infrastructure for Verification and Validation by M. J. North, T. R. Howe, N. T. Collier and J. R. Vos What if Hayek Goes Shopping in the Bazaar? by Enrico E. Bertacchini and Marco Lamieri Making More Sense of Agent-Based Simulation for Agricultural Policy Analysis by Kathrin Happe and Konrad Kellermann Multi-Agent Simulations to Explore Rules for Rural Credit Management in a Highland Farming Community of Northern Thailand by Cécile Barnaud, François Bousquet and GuyTrebuil Interactive Agent-Based Simulation Environment of SABER by Akira Sasaki and Hiroshi Deguchi Agent-Based Modeling Simulation of Social Adaptation and Long-Term Change in Inner Asia by Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, Sean Luke, Dawn C. Parker, J. Daniel Rogers, WilSliam W. Fitzhugh, William Honeychurch, Bruno Frohlich, Paula DePriest and Chunag Amartuvshin Effective Guidelines for Organizational Learning in the Organizational Cybernetics Framework by Yusuke Goto and Shingo Takahashi Newcomers in Self-Organising Task Groups: A Pilot Study by Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Eric Molleman Learning and Belief Dissemination Through Coaction by Juliette Rouchier and Hironori Shiina The Emergence of Social Networks from Interactive Learning by José I. Santos, Ricardo del Olmo and Javier Pajares Guess You're Right on This One Too: Central and Peripheral Processing in Attitude Changes in Large Populations by Wander Jager and Frédéric Amblard Vulnerability of Cooperation on Scale-Free Networks by Yoshifumi Ishida, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Isamu Okada and Toshizumi Ohta Evolution of Compassion Under Un-Repeated Interaction by Shinsuke Suzuki and Eizo Akiyama The Signals of Play: An ABM of Affective Signatures in Children's Playgroups by Shana K. Schmidt and William A. Griffin e*plore v.0: Principia for Strategic Exploration of Social Simulation Experiments Design Space by Luis Antunes, Helder Coelho, João Balsa and Ana Respício Hominids Foraging in a Complex Landscape: Could Homo ergaster and Australopithecus boisei Meet Their Calories Requirements? by Marco A. Janssen, Jeanne M. Sept and Cameron S. Griffith Dynamics of Task Oriented Agent Behaviour in Multiple Layer Social Networks by Andreas Ernst, Friedrich Krebs and Claudia
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