Conversations with God 2

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Januar 2000



A follow-up to the original "Conversations With God", looking at more global topics of geopolitical and metaphysical life on the planet, and the challenges now facing the world. The first book sold over 1.5 million copies and reached No.3 in the "New York Times" bestseller lists. *Publication brought forward, now available as is "Book 3" below*


Neale Donald Walsch lives with his wife, Nancy, in southern Oregon. Together they have formed ReCreation, a non-profit foundation for personal growth and spiritual understanding with the goal of giving people back to themselves. Walsch lectures and hosts workshops throughout the country to support and spread the messages contained in Conversations with God.


I read this and it completely turned everything I believe about religion on its head. If you are at all religious, you should read this book.' -- Francis Rossi of Status Quo, Metro
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Untertitel: An uncommon dialogue. Sprache: Englisch.
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