Interpersonal Communication and Psychology

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Presents the foundations of helping or caring rests on the carer's understanding of human behaviour and their skills in facilitating effective interpersonal communication. This book is structured in three sections: intrapersonal dynamics; interpersonal dynamics; and, interpersonal skills.


Introduction - Communication, a central core to health care delivery; Intrapersonal Dynamics and Self-awareness; Self-awareness; Psychoanalytical theory of personality development; Transactional analysis; Cognitive development; Perception and behaviour; A humanistic point of view; Emotion and behaviour; Attitudes and prejudices; Interpersonal dynamics and self-awareness - Introduction; Interpersonal theory; Psychosocial theory; Behavioural and social learning; Stress and behaviour; Obedience, conformity, compliance and learned helplessness; Group dynamics and leadership; Interpersonal conflict: Dynamics, Resolutions and Self-Awareness; Interpersonal skills and practice - Introduction; The dimensions of communication; Listening, attending and responding; Trust, disclosure, feedback and self-awareness; Assertiveness and caring; Herons Six Category Intervention Analysis; The concept of helping; Reflection and conclusion


'The book presents an excellent and detailed overview of the key concepts and issues in the field. The content is tailored well to the needs of healthcare professionals.' - David Clarke, Lecturer, Division of Medicine, University of Leeds, UK
'A well structured, comprehensive text, clearly written... Extremely suitable (level). This book has been included as a recommended text for students undertaking a degree course module "Practice Based Assessment."' - Gary Morris, Nursing Lecturer, School of Healthcare Studies, University of Leeds, UK
'Informative, interactive, and a good reference source. User friendly and accessible for students.' - Mr J Morris, Nurse Lecturer, School of Healthcare Studies, University of Leeds, UK
'This book offers a unique opportunity to explore both interpersonal communications and psychology. It shows how this knowledge can be translated into health care delivery skills...
This book provides important information for communication training. It is a good buy for clinical psychologist(s), nurses, social workers and physicians interested in behavioural medicine.'
Saudi Medical Journal, Summer 1999
'As the title of this book suggests the author sets out on the enormous task to deal not only with the theory and practice of interpersonal communication as it relates to (the) health care professional but also to cover a whole range of other areas of psychology as well. The result is a book which provides a useful, well written and informative introduction to numerous concepts and issues in psychology... a useful concise introduction to psychology for health care professionals.'
Journal of Community Nursing, June 1999
'I have read with infinite pleasure and interest the book written by Dev M Rungapadiachy and just published by Butterworth Heinemann. The work is written as a reference text book for healthcare professionals which includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychother
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