Stalin's Russia

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The ebb and flow of debate about Stalin's Russia is brilliantly captured in Chris Ward's account, which not only conceptualises the field in a clear and helpful way, offering a synthesis of the vast secondary literature in the area, but also provides the author's own evaluation of the key issues at stake.


Recovering Stalin's Russia / The rise of Stalin / Collectivization / Industrialization / Purges and politics / Foreign policy / War and late Stalinism / Culture and society / Conclusion: history and Stalin's Russia.


Chris Ward is a Lecturer in Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge, UK


'Strongly recommended... [students] will undoubtedly profit from reading Ward's views on this controversial subject and the purpose of academic history.' Journal of European Studies '...a fresh and unhackneyed approach to a broadly familiar period.' Slavonica 'Students will find it particularly useful... I particularly liked the way in which short-term circumstances and much larger impersonal forces are brought together in a convincing synthesis.' Slavonica
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