Microbes and Man

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Februar 2000



A popular account of the invisible world of microbes and their impact on mankind.


Preface; 1. Man and microbes; 2. Microbiology; 3. Microbes in society; 4. Interlude: how to handle microbes; 5. Microbes in nutrition; 6. Microbes in production; 7. Deterioration, decay and pollution; 8. Disposal and cleaning-up; 9. Second interlude: microbiologists and Man; 10. Microbes in evolution; 11. Microbes in the future.


'Microbes and Man is certainly a classic of English literature as well as microbiology. Buy it or give it as a present.' Meriel Jones, Microbiology Today '... well written throughout with a clear lucid style ... I think this book deserves a place on most bookshelves. All undergraduates would benefit from an understanding of how micro-organisms are critical to man in modern society ... the book is a pleasure to dip in to when you have a few spare minutes.' SFAM News From a previous edition '... a beautifully written introduction to microbiology ... Throughout the last decade this book has been one of my favourites. It is a classic, and such splendid material for sixthformers. The non-scientists understand it; the scientists get ideas from it. If there isn't a copy in your school library, don't let another day pass without getting one.' The Biologist From a previous edition 'In a word this book is a classic.' New Scientist From a previous edition '... an excellent read for the uninitiated and professional alike.' SGM Quarterly 'This book is highly enjoyable, as it is readable, thought-provoking and at times quietly amusing.' Educational Media
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