Operational Risk and Resilience: Understanding and Minimising Operational Risk to Secure Shareholder Value

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Well publicized failures in risk management have appeared with shocking frequency over the past few years. Affected firms can suffer significant commercial damage or even bankruptcy as a result. Only now is there a growing realization that risk management is a key management responsibility. This book will help turn your firm into a 'risk aware' organization which will be able to avoid catastrophic loss. It will also enable senior management to make better strategic and operational decisions, thanks to an informed understanding of business hazards.This book uses a wealth of case studies from a wide cross section of different firms and markets to explain how to define, analyse and control operational risk.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Risk management overview - Introduction to risk management; Rethinking risk; Operational risk and business change; The benefits of ORM; Living in a goldfish bowl: reputation and operational risk; Operational integrity - Building a supporting risk management architecture; Establishing policy and organisation; Designing and implementing operational controls; Creating an insurance strategy; Operational delivery - Capacity management; Human resource management; Supplier management; Service management; Sourcing management; Project risk management; Crisis management; OR issues for the 21st century - Financial institutions at the leading edge; Changes in e-business world; Risk and restructuring; Shared service centres; Joint ventures; Mergers and acquisitions; Corporate governance pressures.
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