Management of Violence and Aggression

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Nurses and others in the front-line (paramedics, ambulance staff, hospital and GP receptionists, social workers etc) are reporting an increasing incidence of violence and aggression from patients/clients. Some of these outbursts have resulted in permanent injury, even death, to the health care worker. The book is structured so that the notion of violence becomes more explicit with each succeeding chapter, until finally the violent outburst arrives. It offers practical prevention and management strategies, based on sound research, and provides a comprehensive view of the problem which will be of value to people working in a variety of clinical situations.


Section 1: General Overview of Violence and Aggression Introduction The Dynamic of Violence and Aggression Phases of Violence and Aggression Section 2: Options Available in the Phases of Violence and Aggression Phase 1: Phase of Relative Normality Observation, Surveillance and Diversionary Techniques Resources and Staffing Phase 2: Phase of Pre-Aggression. Intervention Modalities and Models Controlling Measures and Management Phase 3: Phase of Attack Isolation Techniques Physical Restraint Mechanical Control Chemical Control Section 3: Corollaries of Violence and Aggression Serious Situations Injuries, Job Stress and Burnout Learning from Experience


"An invaluable tool for trained and untrained practitioners from any sphere of health care work. It adds to the rapidly growing body of knowledge in this area, but becomes a standard by which others can be measured ." "Stephen Worth MPhil, BSc (Hons) RNT, RCNT, Nurse Teacher University of Manchester", Nurse Education Today No 20, January 2000
theories are discussed in this book; they are useful and mentally stimulating. But there is also a great deal of really useful, practical advice about personal alarms, diversionary tactics methods of avoiding the escalation of aggression and reducing tension. I certainly recommend it highly.
" "Michael Johnson, Membership Manager, The Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Manager, Administrators and Receptionists"
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