Handbook for Teachers in Universities and Colleges

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Juli 2000



Fully revised for the fourth edition, this volume is written for all those teaching in higher education seeking to develop their skills or considering accreditation. It provides advice on all aspects of teaching in HE with detailed use of example material and illustrations.


Learning and effective teaching; teaching in groups; teaching practical and laboratory classes; curriculum planning; assessment and quality; preparing teaching materials; helping students learn; teaching at postgraduate level; problem based learning, open and flexible learning; career skills and development; evaluation.


"The style of presentation is to provide practical tips based on theoretical principles and research results without being too technical... This edition has been thoroughly updated with new concepts and references. The illustrations throughout the book reduce monotony, and the relaxed style keeps you going. It is a book both to be read from beginning to end, and to be kept in your shelves for future reference." -- British Journal of Educational Technology
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