Marketing Insights And Outrages

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Januar 2006



Published in association with Marketing Magazine Marketing may be a fashionable field but that does not mean that even those working in it have no trouble defining it. Drayton Bird, acknowledged guru in the field, can vouch for that after receiving faltering replies from marketers in 35 countries. Enlightenment comes now in this volume presenting 'the best of Bird', a collection of the intuitive, insightful articles first published in Marketing magazine in which he comments in idiosyncratic style on the pitfalls, enigmas and realities of the wonderful world of marketing. Hugely readable and insidiously instructive, Bird's views will challenge all who ponder them. From branding to customer loyalty, Bird always has something perceptive to say and, whether he offers bees in the bonnet or pearls of wisdom, he cannot fail either to entertain or instruct any individual involved in the sale and marketing of goods and services


On writing English and garbage; loyal? - are you kidding?; the joys of new technology; money and other arcane mysteries; do what about the poor bloody customers?; would you have a relationship with these people?; what to watch out for in creative people; no wonder they call it junk; advertising - what about the basics?; what testing and research teach us; bees in Bird's bonnet, pearls of wisdom.


Drayton Bird
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