TV Technical Operations

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Provides an introduction for new entrants to the broadcast industry. This work is designed to prepare them for working in mainstream television by discussing essential techniques, technologies and work attitudes. It explores: the need to develop a professional approach; the occupational skills needed to meet deadlines, and more.


Working in television; Television production; Television engineering; Multi-camera camerawork; Audio technical operations; Working on location; Television lighting; Editing; Vision mixing; News and magazine items; Further reading; Glossary


Freelance cameraman and trainer, working with ITTC and ex-Chairman of the Guild of Television Cameramen. He spent many years working on a variety of programmes at the BBC before becoming Head of Cameras at Television South West. He is the author of Basic Betacam Camerawork 3rd edition, Digital Video Camerawork 3rd edition, Digital Video Camerawork, TV Technical Operations (all in the Media Manual series), Picture Composition for Film and Television and co-wrote Multiskilling for Television Production.
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