The Continuity Supervisor

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The Continuity Supervisor is a practical guide to the basics of continuity, designed to be of use both to the newcomer and those more experienced. Formerly titled 'The Continuity Handbook: a guide for single-camera shooting, this new edition covers the latest technological changes which affect the Continuity Supervisor. Avril Rowlands worked at the BBC for any years as a PA. She has been involved in specialised training for the television industry and major film and television colleges. Her highly acclaimed residential courses attract students from major television companies worldwide. She is also a writer and independent television producer. Benefit from the inside knowledge and expertise of an highly acclaimed teacher and independent producer Up date yourself on the latest developments in post-production Discover the various way to lay out a film script


Out of sequence shooting; Shots in scenes out of order; The work of continuity; Setting up; The production team; The crew; The script; Scene breakdown; Timing the script; Booking facilities; Artists and how to book them; Supporting artists; Children and animals; Locations; Accommodation; Travel; Food; Insurance; Costume and make up; Props and design; Shooting schedule; Documentary-type productions; What to take on location; Specialised observation; Continuity: a team effort; Your role within the unit; Making mistakes; Knowledge of the script; Coverage planned; How to keep informed; How to describe shots; Other terms used; Other terms in general use; Know what to observe; Priorities; Props; Costume; Continuity of action; Continuity of action and dialogue; Drama situations; Crossing the line; Screen Direction; Drawings and diagrams; Rehearsals and actors; The complete scene; Direct and indirect continuity; Matching continuity; Shooting on videotape; Working on documentary; Writing it down; When you make notes; Continuity report sheet; Writing on the script; Other paperwork; Timing on location; information for the editor; Coverage/tramline scripts; Shot listing; The realities of it all; Post Production; Editing the picture; Editing the sound; Working in the wide-screen; Copyright; Port production script; film and videotape formats; Film running times.


Review of previous edition: 'As production techniques become more sophisticated, maintaining continuity becomes a greater challenge. Books like this one can help. Most independent videomakers will find The Continuity Handbook very helpful. The book is both concise and detailed in its coverage of the single-camera production process, making it a good resource for both the newcomer and the intermediate videomaker' US Videomaker magazine
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