The Cambridge Companion to Weber

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April 2000



This Companion introduces Max Weber, one of the very greatest figures in the history of the social sciences.


Contributors; Acknowledgements; Chronology of Weber's life; Abbreviations; Introduction Stephen P. Turner; Part I. Rationality, Rationalization and Psychology: 1. Rationality, economy and society Jon Elster; 2. Rationalization and culture Alan Sica; 3. Psychophysics of culture Wolfgang Schluchter; Part II. Politics and Culture: 4. The rule of man over man: politics, power and legitimation Peter Lassman; 5. Weber on the cultural situation of the modern age Lawrence A. Scaff; 6. Global capitalism and multi-ethnicity: Max Weber then and now Guenther Roth; 7. Constitutional Caesarism: Weber's politics in their German context Sven Eliaeson; Part III. Religions and their Economic Ethics: 8. Max Weber's Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Alistair Hamilton; 9. Max Weber's Orient John Love; 10. Max Weber's Ancient Judaism John Love; Part IV. Law and Economics: 11. Weber as legal historian Harold J. Berman and Charles J. Reid Jr; 12. From agrarian history to cross-cultural comparisons: Weber on Greco-Roman antiquity Wilfried Nippel; 13. Max Weber as economist and economic historian Stanley L. Engerman; Further reading; Index.


"Stephen Turner's edited collection brings together original contributions from a dozen of the world's leading Weber scholars. It is a triumph to collect essays from scholars scattered around the globe. As ever, Cambridge University Press has produced a volume to admirable standards, with notes at the bottom of each page, not a single typographical mistake, and high-quality printing. Articles in English by the likes of Wilfried Nippel, Wolfgang Schluchter and Peter Lassman are to be treasured, and I have no hesitation in saying that the book should have a place in all self-respecting university libraries." Frank Webster, Times Higher Education Supplement "...very high quality." Choice
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