Imperial Roman Army

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Now available for the first time in an English translation, The Imperial Roman Army is regarded as a definitive work on the subject.The Emperor Augustus believed that the Roman Army occupied a crucial place at the heart of the empire - and it was he who first made it into a fully professional force. In this work, Yann Le Bohec provides an in-depth account of the structure and development of one of the world's most famous fighting forces, and discusses the reasons behind its reputation. Bringing together archaeological, documentary and other evidence, he offers an invaluable synthesis of current knowledge regarding the Roman Imperial army through the third, century, and places it in its context as part of the state structure of the Roman Empire.


'An essential purchase, the most helpful The Roman Army where the chapters on "the practical role" and "cultural influence" are not to be missed even by those whose interest in things military are slight.' - Greece and Rome
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