Teaching Drama 11-18

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Drama teachers often thrive on shared experience and the imaginative exchange of ideas and perspectives. Yet books that provide such access are, strangely, hard to find. Teaching Drama 11-18 is an inspiring, comprehensive, and vibrant guide to effective and liberating practice in this subject.


Story-telling and improvisation; performing scripts; writing plays electronically; physical theatre; devising playwrights; black playwrights; Shakespeare and pre-20th century texts; television and film; genre and style; practitioners and form.


Helen Nicholson is Professor of Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK, where she specialises in drama education and applied theatre. She previously taught on PGCE courses at the University of Cambridge, and is currently co-editor of the international journal Research in Drama Education.


"As a busy teacher of drama, I have stringent criteria when looking for a book which deals with the diverse and often messy business that is my day-to-day practice of working with young people in a lively college in the field of drama education. Firstly, it needs to be structured in a logical and coherent way which allows me to dip in and out and yet which makes sense as an end-to-end read. It needs to be packed full of practical ideas that encourage me to experiment within the classroom combined with solid theoretical underpinning that challenges assumptions and makes me see my current work with fresh eyes. Rather than overwhelm me, it needs to inspire me and have an appreciation of areas of struggle within our subject which, as practitioners, we learn to embrace as part of the creative process and which make our explorations into drama so exciting. It seems to me that this new publication from Helen Nicholson and her contributors has succeeded in fulfilling all of these requirements....The strength of the book lies in the ability of the contributors to make accessible not only the content of their work but also the cultural, theoretical and artistic context within which they work. The tone is one of collaboration, openness and reflection and, as such, makes for interesting and stimulating reading....Rather than being a disparate collection of ideas clamouring to be heard, it is instead a celebration of the diversity of our profession and a reminder of the creative potential which lies in the hearts of the young people we teach." Research in Drama Education
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