Word 2000 Essentials Intermediate

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The "Essentials" series is conceived as a " learning system" that combines graphics, instructions, experience, reinforcement, and problem solving. It consists of modular lessons that are built around a series of numbered, step-by-step procedures that are clear, concise, and easy to review. Explanatory material is interwoven before each lesson and between the steps. For anyone interested in learning Microsoft Office 2000.


Project 1: Using Intermediate Formatting Techniques. Lesson 1: Setting Tabs. Lesson 2: Inserting Headers and Footers. Lesson 3: Inserting Section Breaks & Editing Headers/Footers. Lesson 4: Using Multiple Headers/Footers in Document. Lesson 5: Finding and Replacing Text. Lesson 6: Finding and Replacing Formatting. Lesson 7: Browsing Through Your Document. Lesson 8: Moving to Specific Document Locations.Project 2: Styles and Templates. Lesson 1: Using Word's Predefined Styles. Lesson 2: Applying Styles with Keyboard Shortcuts. Lesson 3: Creating a Paragraph Style. Lesson 4: Creating a Character Style. Lesson 5: Modifying a Style. Lesson 6: Deleting a Style. Lesson 7: Copying Styles to Other Documents. Lesson 8: Using Style Gallery/Attach Another Template.Project 3: Automating Your Work. Lesson 1: Creating AutoText Entries. Lesson 2: Inserting AutoText Entries. Lesson 3: Using AutoComplete/Insert AutoText Entries. Lesson 4: Editing and Deleting AutoText Entries. Lesson 5: Inserting Fields. Lesson 6: Inserting Special Symbols. Lesson 7: Using AutoFormat to Format a Document. Lesson 8: Using Word Themes. Lesson 9: Using Word Wizards.Project 4: Enhancing a Table. Lesson 1: Merging Cells in a Table. Lesson 2: Aligning Values and Currency. Lesson 3: Sorting Table Rows. Lesson 4: Inserting Formulas. Lesson 5: Using Predefined Table Formats. Lesson 6: "Drawing" a Complex Table. Lesson 7: Converting Text to Tables/Tables to Text.Project 5: Creating and Using Columns. Lesson 1: Setting up Columns. Lesson 2: Typing in Columns. Lesson 3: Applying Columns to Existing Text. Lesson 4: Scrolling in Columns. Lesson 5: Adjusting Column Size and Gutter Space. Lesson 6: Inserting Column Breaks. Lesson 7: Displaying Multiple Column Format/Same Page. Lesson 8: Changing Page Size and Orientation. Lesson 9: Using Hyphenation.Project 6: Merging Documents. Lesson 1: Creating a Main Document. Lesson 2: Creating a Data Source. Lesson 3: Entering Information into the Data Source. Lesson 4: Inserting Merge Fields in the Main Document. Lesson 5: Merging the Data Source in Main Document. Lesson 6: Creating Mailing Labels. Lesson 7: Sorting a Data Source.Project 7: Customizing Word/Managing Documents. Lesson 1: Customizing Toolbars. Lesson 2: Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttons. Lesson 3: Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts. Lesson 4: Changing the Default Font and Font Size. Lesson 5: Working with Document Properties. Lesson 6: Viewing File Information. Lesson 7: Creating Folders and Identifying "Favorites". Lesson 8: Managing Files: Open/ Save As Dialog Boxes.Project 8: Integrating Word with Other Sources. Lesson 1: Displaying Multiple Word Documents. Lesson 2: Copying/Pasting between Word Documents. Lesson 3: Creating a Merge from Access Database. Lesson 4: Linking and Embedding Objects. Lesson 5: Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet into Word. Lesson 6: Linking an Excel Chart into Word. Lesson 7: Creating a Word Outline. Lesson 8: Creating PowerPoint Slide Show from Word Outline.Glos
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