Building Europe

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This sociological study examines the process of European integration. It reveals that there is a subculture of corruption within the institutions of Europe, and that its problems are largely a result of the way the EU itself is constituted and run.


Introduction Part One: Inventing Europe 1. Forging a European Nation-State? The European Union and Questions of Culture 2. Creating the People's Europe: Symbols, History and Invented Traditions 3. Citizenship of the Union. The Cultural Construction of a European Citizen 4. Symbolizing Boundaries: The Single Currency and the Art of European Governance Part Two: EU Civil Servants. The New Europeans? 5. A Supranational Civil Service? The Role of the Commission in the Integration Process 6. The Brussels Context. Integration and Engrenage among EU Elites 7. Transnational, Supranational or Post-National? The Organisational Culture of the Commission Conclusions


Cris Shore is Head of the Anthropology Department at Goldsmith's College, University of London. He has published and lectured extensively on European integration and EU cultural politics.
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