The Language of Magazines

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The Language of Magazines
*shows how linguistic techniques such as puns and presuppositions are used by magazines to capture our attention
*examines how image and text combine to produce meaning
*discusses how ideological messages are conveyed
*analyses how the sexes are constructed through language
*looks at how magazines relate to culture
*explores a wide variety of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Mens Health, Bliss, Diva, FHM, Sugar and Viz.


Linda McLoughlin is a part-time lecturer in English language at Edge Hill College, Ormskirk, Lancashire. She has designed and taught BA and MA courses in English language, specialising in language and gender.


'This book is a helpful textbook for students of language and linguistics ... it is very easy to read and as such also a useful and entertaining book to everybody who wants to view his or her magazines a bit more critically.' - Irmeli Helin, Linguist List
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