Poverty and Development into the 21st Century

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This is the second edition of the immensely successful international text Poverty and Development in the 1990s. Each chapter introduces the student to a key topic, and is written by a specialist.


PART 1:CONCEPTIONS OF POVERTY AND DEVELOPMENT ; 1 POVERTY AND THE 'END OF DEVELOPMENT' ALAN THOMAS ; 2 MEANINGS AND VIEWS OF DEVELOPMENT ALAN THOMAS ; PART 2:A WORLD OF PROBLEMS? ; 3. Understanding Famine and Hunger Ben Crow ; 4. Diseases of Poverty ; 5. Unemployment and Making a Living ; 6. Is the World Over-populated? ; 7. Environmental Degredation and Sustainability ; 8. A World at War ; 9. Agencies of Development Alan Thomas and Tim Allen ; PART 3: THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION? ; 10. Diversity in Pre-Capitalist Societies ; 11. Colonialism, Capitalism, Development ; 12. The Power of Colonial States David Potter ; 13. Half a Century of Development ; 14. Socialist Models of Development ; 15 THE SECOND 'GREAT TRANSFORMATION'? CAPITALISM AT THE END OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY JOHN HARRISS ; PART 4: UNDERSTANDING DEVELOPMENT NOW ; 16 SUSTAINABLE GLOBALIZATION? THE GLOBAL POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT AND EXCLUSION IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER ANTHONY MCGREW ; 17. Democratization,'Good Governance'and Development David Potter ; 18. Rethinking Gender Matters in Development ; 19. Technology, Poverty and Development ; 20. Life in the Cities ; 21. Taking Culture Seriously ; PART 5: THE FUTURE OF DEVELOPMENT ; 22 GENETIC ENGINEERING OF DEVELOPMENT? MYTHS AND POSSIBILITIES JOANNA CHATAWAY, LES LEVIDOW AND SUSAN CARR ; 23 THE NEW POLITICS OF IDENTITY TIM ALLEN AND JOHN EADE ; 24 INDUSTRIALIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT: PROSPECTS AND DILEMMAS JOANNA CHATAWAY AND TIM ALLEN


?Tim Allen is Lecturer in Development Studies, Department of Economics, London School of Economics. Alan Thomas is Senior Lecturer in Systems at the Open University


"Excellent guide to development issues", Philip O'Brien, University of Glasgow "Clear, well laid out; up to date references. Includes key authors; good mixture of text and illustrations" Dr A Bee, University of Leicester
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