Domino System Administration

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November 1999



The comfortable, Old World of Lotus Notes has vastly changed. There's a totally new universal client that works for email, scheduling and even web browsing. 'Domino' now refers to both the plain vanilla Notes server as well as the totally new Internet Mail and Web server. Your administration duties have just been expanded to hosting web sites and supporting remote users through the Internet. Imagine for a moment that you're the administrator for Lotus Notes at Eli Lilly. You've been comfortably maintaining your user base since version 3.0. Most of your end users are running the Lotus Notes Mail client, and only accessing the server for email. You're comfortable with all of the routine maintenance and troubleshooting issues that are involved with managing a Notes Server. Now consider what happens when Lilly announces that it's going to upgrade to the newest version of Notes and Domino when it ships. As a Premium Lotus Business Partner, Lotus has offered a substantial price break to keep your company away from Microsoft's Exchange Server. How are you supposed to get this new system installed, configured, and rolled out to all 42,000 of your end users? You understand how Lotus Notes works - you've been administering it for years. What you need is a concise, practical explanation about the new features, and how to make some of the advanced stuff really work. You need answers and solutions from someone who's been in the trenches. Someone like you, who has worked with the product for years, and understands what it is you need to know. Domino System Administration from New Riders is the answer - the first book on Domino that attacks the technology at the professional level, with practical, hands-on assistance to get Domino 5 running in your organization.


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