Difference Equations: An Introduction with Applications

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Difference Equations, Second Edition, presents a practical introduction to this important field of solutions for engineering and the physical sciences. Topic coverage includes numerical analysis, numerical methods, differential equations, combinatorics and discrete modeling. A hallmark of this revision is the diverse application to many subfields of mathematics.
* Phase plane analysis for systems of two linear equations* Use of equations of variation to approximate solutions* Fundamental matrices and Floquet theory for periodic systems* LaSalle invariance theorem* Additional applications: secant line method, Bison problem, juvenile-adult population model, probability theory* Appendix on the use of Mathematica for analyzing difference equaitons* Exponential generating functions* Many new examples and exercises


Introduction. The Difference Calculus. Linear Difference Equations. Stability Theory. Asymptotic Methods. The Self-Adjoint Second Order Linear Equation. The Sturm-Liouville Problem. Discrete Calculus of Variations. Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Equations. Partial Difference Equations.


"The first edition of this book has been the best introduction to difference equations available; the second edition improves this even further." --Martin Bohner, University of Missouri-Rolla "The authors have their finger on the current trends in difference equations. This is a well-written textbook by authors who are known as teachers and expositors." --Johnny Henderson, Auburn University
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